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Nick - The Owner
Born an army brat in Virginia, Nick moved to San Antonio in 1985. A graduate of Cole HS, Nick later went on to receive a BA in Psychology from UTSA. These days, he can usually be found at Alibis on karaoke Wednesday nights when not at home with Rhonda and the kids.
Alfy - Guy Behind The Guy
Alfy IS the backbone of Alibis! A former yellojacket of St. Anthony's, Alfy has been a fixture at Alibis since 2005. Whether he's managing, pouring drinks, blowing fire, or just kickin' back with friends, odds are you'll see him during your visit!
About Alibis Sports and Spirits
Alibis has been owned and operated by San Antonio transplant Nick Johnson since June of 2003. This neighborhood bar in the middle of St Paul Square is known for great drink prices, hot bartenders, and a laid back environment.  Our mission: a good time! Alibis tries to make sure you feel as comfortable as your own home. 

We're here to cater to our customers! Whether you just got off work, off the train, or off your rear, we would love to share our hangout with you!  
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams of intoxication.
Raised, and possibly born, in a biker bar in Illinois, Tracy is a character in a bar full of characters.  Tracey is a brutally honest, "call it like I see it" kinda gal with a heart of gold. Having studied accounting at Black Hawk College, ya better not even TRY to walk a tab when Tracey's around!
Tracey - The One In Charge
Chang - The Grumpy One
​Dennis Chang is a Texas boy through and through. Coming of as a bit brash, Chang is very passionate about the things he loves: namely...his friends, his vehicles, his women, and his guns (not necessarily in that order)! 

Jessica - Sr Bartender.
Jessica is Alibis longest running bartender having jumped on board back in 2004. Jessica is currently studying to be an RN. Jess is the proud mother of two amazing boys as well as a former active member of our US military. 
April - The Sweet Talker
An esthetician by trade, April is a true master of the facial! Growing up in Dallas, April moved back home to San Antonio and has become one of the crowd favorites at Alibis. It's always service with a smile with April behind the bar!
Pyper - The Softspoken
Don't let her quiet demure fool you. Pyper is an intelligent go getter and entrepreneur from Bend, Oregon. Our little neat freak of the group can usually be found showing off her OCD wiping or scrubbing something town .
Amber - The New Chick
Amber is our most recent addition the the Alibis family. A student of IAD&T, Amber is adding an advertising degree to her repertoires. When not at the bar, she is usually in front of her computer taking care of her graphic design company.